Topics: Privacy, Privacy law Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: October 4, 2011
We often refer to our right to privacy, but in fact there is no right to privacy in the same sense as the right of free speech. The US constitution doesn’t say much about privacy, although the First, Fourth and Fifth amendments have been interpreted to include privacy rights. Our legal concept of privacy is often said to begin with the law review article of Warren and Brandeis, but they were in particular addressing the issue of privacy and the press. Drones are not new to us; they have been around for several years and used mostly in the military. Although they were not intended for private use, they start to draw a huge interest from the private parties in special the press. Since privacy laws are very broad in united states, the author suggest there is a need to create new privacy laws but the problem lies between what is considered private and public space.

In the article “the right to privacy” by Warren and Brandeis, the author focuses on protecting the individuals and that everyone has a right to privacy. More specific, the article addressed intrusions on privacy through the unauthorized publication of private materials, especially photographs. They did admit that the right to privacy should not prohibit the publication of any matter that is truly of public or general interest. However, in their view, if the publication is of purely private information, neither the truthfulness of the matter published nor the absence of malice on the part of the publisher should be a defense. With the increasing number of companies working to develop smaller and cheaper drones it’s just a matter of time until there will be no privacy whatsoever. The first amendment still protects people from being searched without a court warrant, but since FAA considers drones as recreational RC aircrafts and allows them to fly up to 400ft, they won’t even be visible to the individuals being spied on. It’s hard to draw a conclusion where your neighbor flying that remote controlled...
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