Topics: Aviator, Posttraumatic stress disorder, Unmanned aerial vehicle Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Without question, drones have become the U.S. weapon of choice in the fight against terrorism. Counterterrorism officials say they've come to rely on the pilotless aircraft for their surveillance capability and what officials say is precision targeting. What’s not wrong with Drones? In Rosa Brooks’ article she discusses some of the oppositions against drones. Brooks starts out by saying how innocent people are killed by drones. Next, she points out that how there will always be civilian deaths in wars. Manned aircraft puts our pilots in jeopardy, and also has a wider range of destruction. Meaning more death of innocent civilians comes from manned aircraft strikes. While some believe the drones go to its predetermined area, fire missiles, and leave the area. When in reality, drones are equipped with intelligence gathering technology, and can survey targeted areas for days and sometimes even months. This is allowed by its extremely long flight times, whereas conventional jet fighters and bombers have a limited amount of time they can run missions due to fuel. With drones, we do not have to worry about our pilots becoming fatigue while flying numerous missions over foreign countries. Even though the drone pilots maybe thousands of miles away from the strike zone, the advance technology of the drone allows the pilot to actually see the faces of the acquired targets.The pilot sometimes witnesses the mourning families after the strike has taken place, which can lead to post traumatic stress. I do not believe this article is bias one way or another. The arthur tells a little bit about the good and bad with drones. While the arthur, Rosa Brooks, does not fully support the way the U.S. uses drones in Pakistan, she does acknowledge some of the benefits of UAVs in the war against terrorism.mI fully support the idea of unmanned drone airstrikes. The main reason being, it takes our military pilots out of the battlefield, and behind a remote controller. I understand...
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