Driving School Homework

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Driving School: Homework Day One

1. The demerit point system is a series of different things that a driver can do wrong, and the amount of points given to the driver depending on the act. Created to keep drivers in the line with the law and encourages them to follow the rules of the road.

Failing to remain at the scene of a collision – 7 points
Failing to stop when officer signals or requests – 7 points Careless driving (e.g. use of cellphone) – 7 points
Exceeding speed limit by 50 k/h or more – 6 points
Failing to stop for a school bus – 6 points + $2000 fine
Driver of a bus failing to stop at an unprotected railroad crossing – 5 points Exceeding speed limit by 30-49 km/h – 4 points + $400 fine Failing to yield right of way – 3 points
Failing to report a collision – 3 points + $1000 fine
Failing to share the road with cyclists – 2 points

2. Emission testing: Is a test to check for the fumes in a vehicle, it is required every two years by law, and can result in your car being “garbage” if the test is failed. Safety test: A safety test is done once when a driver is purchasing a car. It includes checking if things like the brakes work, transmission, and body. The test is only valid for 36 days.


4. Types of Insurance:

Third party liability (MANDATORY):

For an occasional driver
Doesn’t pay for the damages done to the car
Cheapest out of the three types

Collision insurance coverage:

Pays for the damages done to the insured vehicle and driver
Must pay a deductible

Comprehensive Coverage:

For “acts of god” accidents
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