Driving Is a Privilege, Not a Right

Driving a car and obtaining a valid driver 's license is something every teenager longs for. Their parents are the ones who decide whether or not they are responsible enough to own one because owning a driver 's license is a privilege, not a right. Unfortunately, illegal immigrants feel that obtaining a driver 's license should be their right for working in the United States illegally and that each member of their family should own a car as well. There are already 8.7 to 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States and more keep arriving each year (Tanton par. 8). Many problems will develop if this idea is legalized: cities will become over-crowded, more accidents will be seen on the roads and freeways, violence will become more frequent in our neighborhoods, they would be able to vote in popular and important elections, and terrorists will have easier access to America 's airlines and personal information. Illegal immigrants should not have a valid driver 's license in any state. They are illegal in this country and should only deserve one if they take the time to become a legal U.S. citizen. If this idea of illegal immigrants obtaining driver 's licenses comes into effect, there will be more illegal aliens coming into the United States then ever before. The vast majority of the population will contain a much lower income due to the over-crowding of cities. The unemployment rate will skyrocket because the number of people trying to get jobs will out number the amount of job opportunities. Not only will cities become over-crowded, but the roads and freeways as well. The more illegal immigrants driving on roads and freeways, the more accidents America will be seeing. The majority of illegal immigrants probably cannot read or speak any English. If they cannot read the country they are living in illegally 's language, then how are they going to know where to turn or what direction they are going? How would they know the correct speed limit? They

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