Driving Forces

Topics: Music industry, Supply and demand, Marketing Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: November 11, 2008
Driving Forces
Digital music devices are leading the technological market as their demand increases with the changing trends of the market place and the consumer. So the real questions are, Why are Digital music devices so popular, what influences consumer’s purchase decisions, and what impacts the sales of this industry growing in popularity? “MP3 players have gone from niche to mainstream products, and consumer portable purchases have switched from models that rely on removable content to those whose content is additive and insincric.” Digital music devices have freed consumers from the need to carry around separate music media like CDs or cassettes. This has had a colossal impact behind the consumer’s decision to purchase this luxury product. Digital music devices sales are driven through their portability, broadband (an internet connection), and the accessories that they provide to the user. To some user’s, portable music devices can be a piece of cake, but to others, it becomes a complicated puzzle leading to growing frustrations and dissatisfaction with the product. Some people use their players all the time, while others only use their players outside the home. Many consumers choose to use their players during exercise or while relaxing in the comfort of their own home. With each consumer having different preferences as to why they are making a purchase of a Digital music devices can broaden the target market and the distribution can be much larger. Other driving forces of the Digital music device industry include the need for constant innovation. Consumers are looking for a device that is easier to use and have features such as phone books, calendars, and photo storage (and music storage of course) that will be useful in their everyday life. These digital music devices have become increasingly easier to use throughout the past five years. Consumers are recognizing simplicity in these digital music devices. Buyer Description:

In several different...
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