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Many young drivers aged 18 have caused many fatal and life threatening accidents. However raising the minimum driving age at which people can drive might reduce this. But is this a benefit to society or are the statistics true? We can help lower these accidents rates if the driving age is raised till the age 21, and so that no more kids can get hurt or get serious injured or killed on a free way or by another car crashing into their can. If we do raise the driving age it will be much safer for the young drivers.

I think that the driving age should be banned till the age of 21 because there will be Number of cut backs on accidents and also death. Statistics have shown that 15% of all accidents and deaths have involved many young drives under the age of 21. 17 to 20 year olds are most likely to be killed or injured in a accident. By rising the driving age till 21 there will be a decrease in death and injuries.

Another reason why the driving age should be raised is because many young teenagers have a racer “boy attitude”. This shows that they are not mature enough and not sensible enough to be let loose on the road. Research has shown that young driver’s brains are too immature to drive safely. The front lobe which controls emotions, risk-taking and decision making is not developed until the age of 25

Elizabeth Davidson whose 26 year old daughter was killed by a teenage driver. Margaret Davidson’s car was hit by 19 year old Nolan Haworth at 70mph in a 50mph zone as he raced to court, while banned to answer a charge of affray. In September last year he was jailed just for 4 years after pleading guilty to causing death by dangerous driving.

Many young teenage drivers are very care less and do not pay any attention to the roads. They pay more attention to their i pods and mobile phones. On the other hand some teenagers are not reliable. They take their eyes of the roads start texting each other to find out the latest gossip and then crash into...
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