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No, I dont think they should be able to drive at the age of 15 because its dangerous.Your still a kid , have kid ways , not all the way mature just yet. 50% of people ages 18 - under have been in more accidents in the first five years of their driving experience . Teenagers like to text-drive , have their music loud , speed, drink-drive, not wearing a seatbelt, and sometimes under the influence of illegal drugs. The study also found a marked increase in the level of drink-driving among young people over the course of their first five years behind the wheel.Which is harmful to over drivers. Drivers aged between 15 to 25 make up a quarter of road deaths, despite representing only 13 per cent of all drivers. Hoon driving among young drivers has become a key police focus.

Since the law has changed and has allowed teens under of the ages of 18 to drive there has been more admitted breaking the speed limit recently then after before.Even through they suppose to have an adult in the car while their driving most do not. Also, teenagers have been trying to get there permeate or licenes as soon as they can. But, most teens dont realize how much responsibility there is when it comes to driving. Teenagers are not doing the right thing by driving at 15 when they know there not ready to . But, when they get in trouble for something they did , their looking for someone to blaim. But, the under age child usually tries to blaim someone else for their actions. They also get frantic when they have to blaim his or her self for trying to driver at a very young age while doing something incoherent.

Most teenagers do not follow their curfew time which is 12 midnight. But, I will say this teenagers do what they want because police allows it , their parents allow it , and the laws stay the same. They feel if no one says anything or change anything why should they change what they do. No, they shouldn't think like that but unfortunately most teenagers do. More lifes , dreams , and...
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