Drivers Should Not Be Allowed to Use Cell Phones While Driving

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Push-button telephone Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: November 1, 2006
Drivers Should Not Be Allowed to Use Cell Phones While Driving

Drivers should not be able to use their cell phones while driving, for the reason that the use of a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle is exceedingly hazardous for the driver, as well as others who are traveling along the same road. Cell phones are also a major distraction to the driver, because it occupies one's eyes and attention which should be appointed on the road. Realistically if trying to turn the radio is a death defying act, why would some one want to continuously look down at there phone? Cell phones should not be used while driving, merely because it jeopardizes one's life and well being. The use of a cell phone while driving is very hazardous. Although it is not a consistent problem, cell phones do cause wrecks and some have been fatal. An article posted by Tony Long states that he was almost killed on his motorcycle while trying to avoid being hit by a reckless driver who was on the phone. This very article enlightens us about how dangerous cell phones can really be. Though some people do not acknowledge the actual dangers of a cell phone, the rate of accidents and fatal accidents are slowly rising within our nation and we, as citizens and drivers should take a stand and protest for a law to uphold the initiative of rejecting the use of phones while driving. It not only endangers the driver, but others as well. Cell phones cause late reactions, especially those that are held in ones hand. Some citizens obtain the habit of allowing their cell phone to overcome their reflexes and spontaneous reaction to certain situations, which causes death-defying circumstances in traffic and to pedestrians.

Equally important, Cell phones are a huge distraction, especially when one chooses to text while driving. Those who choose to partake in texts are highly irresponsible and without a doubt ignorant of the threat they are facing and contributing to the general safety of other drivers....
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