Drivers On Cell Phones Are As Bad As Drunks

Topics: Mobile phone, Driving under the influence, Remove Intoxicated Drivers Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: February 1, 2015
Katie Diener
Cathy Kappius
English 111
4 April, 2011
“Drivers on Cell Phones are as bad as Drunks”
Some people think in this world that it’s okay to drive under the influence. When truly it isn’t even okay at all, it’s wrong. You are not only endangering your life but you are endangering other drivers. So many people drive under the influence and I wish they would understand that getting behind the wheel they are making the dumbest decision of their life. People don’t also realize that when you are on your cell phone it is just as bad when you’re under the influence.

Reading this essay it amazes me how much driving while using your cell phone or being drunk relates so much to each other. In the essay Professor David Strayer talk about how the University of Utah did a study on motorists talking on a handheld or hands-free cell phone and how it impairs to drunk driving. “People who talk on their phone while driving is just like somebody who is at the legal blood-alcohol limit of 0.08 percent.”

In overall of reading this essay it was not too shabby. The title is what really caught my attention; I am usually not a big fan on reading. But, I truly enjoyed reading this essay. It had my attention from the beginning to the end. There were some dull parts in there but the rest of it was good. Reading this it amazes me how much similarity there is between a drunk driver and a driver talking on their phone. I would have never realized the similarities in those two. Yes, I know it’s wrong to talk and drive at the same I just didn’t think it would be that close to driving drunk. One part of this essay that I really liked was the study they had with the 40 participants and them driving a PatrolSim driving simulator. I think the study that University of Utah did was an excellent idea. The results of the study astounded me. In the results it showed that a cell phone driver would have been more likely to get in an accident than a driver who is driving drunk. I just...
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