Driver Safety

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Increased Safety and Decreased Attention
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are sweeping the automotive industry. Although they can help drivers avoid potential accidents, they are continually making drivers less concentrated on the road and more reliant on man-made machines to help them drive. There are a number of reasons why in recent years electronic driving aids have been developed and implemented at an ever-increasing rate. The first and foremost reason is safety (i.e. an unacceptable number of accidents), but economic principles (“time is money”, among others) are also a compelling factor. Of course, in a culture that is gearing itself more and more toward instant gratification and every-day pampering, bringing comfort to the driver population is obviously a good sales argument, and should not be underestimated as a major influence. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (commonly known as ADAS) can be traced all the way back to 1955 when the first cruise control system was installed on a Chevrolet. The system was revolutionary, letting drivers rest their leg and have the car control the acceleration. This paved the way for more automated automobile systems to be brought to market for years to come. Today, an amazing display of technology can be seen not only on your new iPhone, but also in your vehicle. This is why the market for ADAS has been growing dramatically in accordance with the 21st century technology boom. Many systems, such as radar-based cruise controls, were once only offered on high-end luxury vehicles, such as Lexus and Mercedes-Benz, but have now found their way into compact “value” cars.

Almost every automaker has their own form of a pre-braking system that helps drivers avoid an impending collision, running the market gamut from Acura to Volkswagen. Honda recently introduced their version of LaneWatch, which alerts the driver if a car is in their blind spot. The number of these systems has increased dramatically in the past five...

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