Driver's License for Illegal Immigrants

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Illegal immigration, Immigration Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: June 22, 2013
14 March 2012
Driver`s License for Illegal Immigrants
Should illegal immigrants be given a driver`s license in California? In the Sacramento Bee article “License battle resurfaces” by Jim Sanders on February 26, 2012, the author informs that Assemblyman Gil Cedillo tried again to grant driver`s licenses to undocumented immigrants which were vetoed by Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger years ago, but now Gil Cedillo wants to work with Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown on this issue that can “pass muster” because Latinos played a key role to help Brown get elected in 2010. In 2011, Brown signed the dream act to expand college financial aid for undocumented immigrants who have lived in California for years, so many Latinos cheered him. As a voter and California resident, I am strongly against this legislation.

I have a question. Do you know the meaning of undocumented immigrants? I think it means illegal. I am in favor of Assemblyman Jim Nielsen, R-Gerber`s points that “You should not legitimize a fundamentally illegal act.” America is an immigrant country. We welcome all immigrants, and we are expecting them to abide by immigrants` laws and enter the country legally. I am opposed to Gil Cedillo`s issue that California allows undocumented immigrants to be licensed, tested, and insured. What if potential terrorists take advantage of this issue to obtain driver`s licenses easily? Because in years past, the issue has caused fierce debate over what security measures should be required if current law is changed. Another thought is what if other immigrants know this issue, then they just enter the country with no documents, no worry. Simply use this issue. Besides the above, if this issue could help the government make more money on driver`s licenses, car insurance and taxes, etc, why couldn`t the government figure out the proper way to make money instead? As American citizens, everybody knows what a driver`s license means—to them it means they are legal in America...
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