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In the film Drive directed by Nicolas Winding Refn a sudden act of violence by protagonist, Driver, is an interesting surprise. The build-up, kiss, bashing and exit involved in the scene of the incident help us to understand the character of Driver. The visual and oral features of camera shots, dialogue and lighting are used to create a surrealist incident. The Driver’s romantic love affair with Irene and his care for her young child sets the film as a romance and a drama, as the love he experiences for the two, both Platonic and Eros, ultimately leads him to unleash his true beast though he attempts so hard to hide it in everyday life. The lifestyle he has chosen for himself prior to Irene inevitably arises once the mafia he crosses paths with leads to violence of the most cinematic type while invoking elements of suspense within each beat. In the film we see four key elevator scenes that display the development of the bond between Driver (Ryan Gosling) and Irene (Carey Mulligan), his innocent looking neighbour. The build-up to the incident is where Irene slaps Driver after his pathetic attempt to communicate. They then both enter the elevator where a man in a tan suit stands. Frequently used in this scene are over the shoulder shots and close ups. Very rarely are there cuts to mid-shots which would break continuity. When Irene slaps Driver; the camera cuts to a mid-shot to show the momentum of the action. The second time this happens is when the man in the tan suit is introduced into the scene. The mid-shot reveals the character to the audience and states his importance. Once in the elevator, low angle shots are used. These create a claustrophobic atmosphere for the audience. It also allows the suspicion Driver has towards the man in the tan suit to be built up. Close ups are used to show the raw emotion between the two characters as well as creating tension when Driver notices the gun the man is carrying, hidden under his jacket. This is a cinematic technique...
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