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Drinking Milk

By mrshin Jan 08, 2013 753 Words
Outline 1
Tittlte: Anvantages Of Drinking Milk
General purpose: To persuade
Specific purpose:
At the end of my speech,the audience will able to be persuaded and list the information about advantages of drinking milk by my speech. Central idea:
It’s very easy for us to recognize the three main popular advantages of drinking milk such as supply nutrients for people health, promote well being for all people, and buid strong bones and teeth.

A: Gaining Attention
Give the audience some question as:
1. how many people in the audience have a habit drinking milk for daily diet? 2. are you take care of your family or yourself by the way drinking milk? Why? B: Motivating The Audience:
Comparing the differences between people drink milk and not. C: Establishing Credibility:
give the audience some popular benefits when drinking milk from some famous expert nutrients in the world. D: Preview Of Main Ideas:
now I will show you bebefits of drinking milk, it n ot only supply nutrient for people health, promote well being for all people especially with patient but also build strong bones and teeth.
Main idea 1: Milk Supply Nutrients For People Health
• “Milk contain more and more mineral, protein, calcium, iron, vitamin, phosphorous and so on “, according to well known nutrition expert Dr wendy Bazilian, author of the superfoodrx diet and co-owner of san diego-based bazilian’s health clinic. • Milk contains 87.5% of water, 3.9% milk fat, 8.8% solid non fat which includes protein, lactose, minerals and acids, enzyms and vitamins. Proteins include caseins, whey proteins, lactabumin and lactoglobulin. The main sugar present in the milk is lactose. It also contains vitamins A,C,D and amino acids. ▪ With baby:……………………

▪ With adult:…………………..
▪ With old people:………………
Main idea 2: Promote Well Being For All People
• Milk is very necessary for people. Specially, milk is very good for patient. It’s not only supplies eough energies minerals, proteins, but also it increase resistance and promote well being for all people. • With normal people, milk plays inportance for both health , skin, and intestine. With patient, it promotes well being very quickly. For example, reducing blood pressure and diabetes, calcium, magnesium and potassium content in milk helps to reduce the blood pressure and diabetes. Reducing the risk of colon cancer, consuming at least one glass of milk per day reduce 15% risk of developing colon type of cancer. And buiding intestinal health. - In the market, there are many kinds of milk. It is not only suitable with many kinds of diseases but also promote well being for people. For example with patient,they need more nutrients to improve the health but maybe they can not eat some nutrients food because it containt some matter that not good for their diseases. Milk will help them to supply every necessary nutrients, it can instead of the daily diet. -As you know the popular milk for pateint as ensure,..,…

Main idea 3: Milk Buids Strong Bones And Teeth.
• According to nutrition expert Bazililan, there are 99% of body is calcium is stored and hundreds of studies have shown that calcium in milk help improve bone densty, balance of other nutrients that have been proven to buid bones and teeth as well as promote the healthy function of blood usels. • More milk-stronger bones, as it contains abundant calcium. Calcium also acids in muscular and circulatory function, prevents osteoporosis… • Fighting cavities: protein, calcium, phosphorous content in the milk products the tooth enamel, stimulates saliva production, and neutralizes food acids. - Milk containt………supply …% calcium per day for health……. - Arcording to studies show that: percent peole drinking milk are live more longevity than people don’t drinking milk. In modern life,people drinking milk hold approximate 85%. It show that the inportant of drinking milk in life. ( So drinking milk is the convinience, quickly,save money for modern life. Conclusion

A: Signaling The Ending:
I’m going to the finish this topic.
B: preview of main points:
I found it very convinience and good for us if drinking milk everyday. It supply nutrients for people health, promote well being for all people, and buid strong bones and teeth. C:Reference To Introduction

Give some web adress a bout effect of milk with healthy to audience D: Ending With Impact
Change your habit by the way drink milk everyday, you can change your health more and more strong and young,your life will more quality because it prevent your health out of some hard diseases in the future

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