Drinking Age Should Be 18 Years Old

Topics: Argumentative, Attacking Faulty Reasoning, Fallacy Pages: 5 (817 words) Published: October 16, 2005
Our Country is full of controversial topics and new ideas that bring about arguments in

every step of life. These arguments lead to even more new ideas and different ways of looking at

things. People in these arguments can be so persuasive that they can change the opinion of

others. One new idea that is talked about a lot in our country is the drinking age being lowered to

eighteen years old. This is supported by many people and the reasons that are presented for the

change are very legitimate and persuasive.

There are arguments from both sides and each side has their legitimate points for their

argument. Many youth support the change because they feel when they turn eighteen years old

they should be seen as an adult in every aspect of their lives. They see society as hypocritical

because society wants to treat eighteen year olds as adults in some ways and not in others. This

is unfair treatment in the eyes of the youth but all our laws are just trying to protect our young


Many people that are for the change have several legitimate arguments. One argument is

that our eighteen year old young adults are allowed to buy tobacco products and cigarettes but

they are not allowed to buy alcohol. This is unfair to them and they are upset by this. Another

argument just like this for the change is that our eighteen year olds are also able to vote and

choose who runs our country but yet they cannot buy alcohol. This also leads to the fact that they

are also forced to pay taxes to our government but they still are not given the right to buy

alcohol. They can make some decisions but not others. This is very hypocritical and I can totally

see where the pro change side is coming from.

Another argument from the pro change side is probably the most legitimate of all the

arguments. This argument is that our eighteen year old young adults are old enough to go over

and die in a war for our country but they are not old enough to buy alcohol like everyone else

who fights in a war. We can put our lives on the line and die for our country but we cannot

engage in drinking a little alcohol? This is the biggest argument for the pro change side and the

most influential also. Logic states that if a person is old enough to die for their country then they

are also old enough to engage in a little consumption of alcohol just like their peers are able to.

There is also a whole other side to this argument. The people who are against this change

also have legitimate reasons for their side. The reason that our laws are the way they are is

because our elected officials are trying to protect our young adults from getting in huge trouble

that could essentially end their life or take the lives of others around them. Our government and

our laws are strict and do not allow eighteen year olds to engage in drinking alcohol because

they are not seen to be mature enough. They are still going through a lot of mental changes and

are not yet fully developed as twenty one year olds are.

Eighteen year olds have mostly only experienced high school life and for most it is a

pretty controlled environment. When these young and underdeveloped adults are given alcohol

they are impaired and are likely to make costly mistakes. Since they are not yet fully developed

in the emotional and mental fields, they are more likely to act immature and juvenile because

they have not yet experienced that certain part of life that helps all adolescents become adults.

The years of nineteen through twenty one are crucial in the development of people. This is when

most kids go to college and truly try to find themselves. They are thrown so many things all at

once and it can be a struggle if they are not careful. Alcohol can only hurt them in their

development into true adults. Young adults also need something to look forward...
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