Drink Driving

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Drunk driving, Driving under the influence Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: August 16, 2010

Part A.
Driving under the influence (DUI), commonly called "drunk driving," it refers to operating a motor vehicle while one's blood alcohol content is above the legal limit. Alcohol really impairs your ability to react quickly, make good judgements, and drive as well as you might normally. Social and Environmental Influences are factors that can contribute to alcohol impaired driving which often comes from friends and the situations their friends helped to create. These influences account for one third of all the decisions to drink and drive. Heavy drinking often occurs in response to encouragement from friends. For example, hosts may give the impression that they expect over consumption and do not appreciate moderation drinking. Friends may also promote heavy drinking to feel more comfortable in their own over consumption. Drink driving is a factor in about 20% of all fatal car accidents due to over drinking. Even if you have a blood alcohol content of 0.05 (the legal limit) it still doubles your risk of having an accident, a 0.08 blood alcohol content there is a 7 times risk of having accident. Very few people set out to drive while impaired by alcohol. Instead, alcohol impaired driving results from a combination of decisions about drinking and decisions about driving, which brings the two acts together. A person willing to allow impaired friends to drive often arises from the need for a ride in the absence of an available designated driver. This can happen because the driver did not think of the need for a designated driver in advance, there was no sober passenger present, or the other drinking passengers were unwilling to drive, even though less impaired. Some passengers are less concerned about their scenario of being injured as a passenger than about the possibility of being arrested as a drinking driver. About one fifth of the decisions to drink and drive come from within the individual. These Personal Influences ranged from drinkers...
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