Drill or Not to Drill

Topics: Investment, Wind power, Petroleum Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Drill or not to Drill

There are many people who are debating against oil drilling in the world. Some of them are discussing how to meet the best energy needs in the United States. Several people argue about how the country should decrease the dependence on oil and how it's invested in several sources of energy. The United States seems to be using huge amounts of oil on a daily basis and can be very expensive. I believe in order to meet energy needs we have to find another kind of source such as wind or solar power. I believe that the major can be an alternative and renewable energy that people should have an invest ment in. Energy conversation might be a result for increasing environmental quality, financial capital, comfort and personal security. Organizations and individual people should choose save and reduce energy costs and promote economic security. I think that the commercial and industrial users should be able to increase energy use of performance. I beliave that if the United States would repeat the alternative sources it should help clean up the pollution. It would also save a lot of money in the near future. In order to have the availability in the United States they need to renew the sources of energy to get better grades that are cost effectiveness. People can start doing their work if the cost comes from harnessing, transporting and collecting the costs. If people would spend a lot of money on electricity it would because of the rising of the costs. I think that people should start dealing with the alternate sources because of the oil supply is decreasing on a regular basis. Many people might argue about these sources being very expensive. They also don't realize that if he or she invests in one of the sources such as solar panels that they will eventially have a more healthy life. Solarpower is a benefit of possessing power. It's also between an expecting outage and in the middleof a category of five storms. I believe that everyone in world...

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