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Topics: Illegal drug trade, Gang, Rapping Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: September 15, 2014
AS Media Studies – Devanté Barrett

Drill Music

‘Drill Music’, is a genre of music originated in Chicago. The sound was created in order to reflect lifestyle that they life. As you may know, Chicago has recently gone through a deep depression causing children and adults to turn to the streets as their main source of income. By being forced to sell drugs and steal in order to provide for their families, this has caused an outrageous amount of violence of which usually end up as a case of murder. Due to the depression, there is not much that can be done in order for them to break this vicious cycle, therefore they are forced to continue living the life they currently are. This aspect is clearly conveyed in their lyrics. With common references to guns, drugs, women and money, it is clear that this is how they live.

The biggest name currently in the ‘Drill’ scene is 19-year-old rapper, Keith ‘Chief Keef’ Cozart. He established himself and Drill Music to the world about 2 years ago with his hit single, ‘Don’t Like’. Typically, Chief Keef is photographed as with guns and marijuana which gives outsiders a view into what they do in Chicago. If not armed or doing anything illegal in photos, then Keef usually is photographed doing some form of gang sign or disrespectful pose to convey his rebellious ways. Videos usually released by Chief Keef are located either in a gritty environment to represent what it was like to be in Chicago in the time of the depression or in a glamorous location to show off what he has achieved from his newly earned success. Most successful rappers in this genre like flashing their money, as they did not come from much and are very proud of their current success, which brings me on to my next artist.

Leonard ‘LA Capone’ Anderson was a 17-year-old rapper who was also heavily establishing himself worldwide in this genre. Similarly to most working class families in Chicago, Anderson was also majorly affected by this massive depression,...
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