Topics: Drifting, Toyota AE86, Mazda RX-7 Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: July 22, 2002
PE Research Paper

For my research paper I chose to research the Japanese sport of drifting. Drifting is basically getting your car sideways around a corner and holding it sideways until the roads straightens out. The sport of drifting dates back to the late 70's when the world of import tuning started. When people would race they figured out that when going around a turn and popping the clutch it would get your tires spinning so fast that they would loose traction and your car would start to drift. There are two ways to drift the first way is the clutching technique. When approaching a turn the driver well shit the car into second gear and rev the engine up to about 4000-5000 rpm (depends on the car) and then slightly turn away from the turn and then sharply cut back and the rear-end well loose traction. It may sound easy but here is the hard part, you must hold the drift until the road straightens out otherwise you might loose control of the car and spin out. The other way to drift is gain some speed and when you hit the turn pull the side-brake (e-brake) and when your car starts to get sideways slowly release the side-brake and accelerate so you tire well spin. The most common place for drifting is either at Japanese racetracks or the busy street and freeways. The best car to use is a RWD (rear wheel drive) car that has lots of horsepower, a few of these cars are Toyota AE86 levin/ Trueno, the Nissan Silvia S13/S14, and last but not least is the Mazda RX-7 with a powerful RB20DET motor which is very rare and you never really see. Is it illegal? Yes and no, it's illegal on public roads and freeways but if you have the chance to go to a race track then no it's not illegal.
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