Dressed Chicken: A New Brand

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A project report


scrumptious chicken
-a new brand of dressed chicken

Submitted to

Mr. Vijay Kumar

In Partial Fulfillment of
Sales & Distribution Course(PGDM, ABS)


T Charan Tej (DM08010)
N Sowmya (DM08038)
K Sanath Kumar (DM08043)
P Tejashri (DM08058)

Aurora’s Business School, Near Nims, Punjagutta, Hyderabad. - 500 482 Tel: 040 2335 1891/92, 2335 0061/692 URL: www.absi.edu.in e-mail us: info@absi.edu.in Introduction

Chicken in many forms has always been a dish to relish across the globe and especially among most Indians. Widely accepted and consumed, the demand for chicken is only increasing.

Dressed Chicken refers to the chicken/poultry from which the blood and feathers have been removed, typically meaning it is ready for oven. Dressed chicken has a high domestic demand by hotels, restaurants, super markets, and various institutions with food catering services, and households.

Broiler industry in India

The Broiler segment in India has continuously grown and is currently estimated to grow to Rs. 12,500 crores (INR 125 billion). Furthermore, India’s Ministry of Agriculture estimates the production value at 2.3 million tones. In a country like India, due to lack of religious associations, the demand for broiler products is growing rapidly. Translated, this provides great potential for success and growth in the poultry industry.

Farming in India

Poultry farming in India has changed dramatically over the past two decades. With independent poultry farming concepts, the sector has moved into a well-organized network of integrated farming also known as contract farming.

The integrated / contract farming model is gaining significant amount of popularity and acceptance among poultry farmers. This model protects and retains the interests of both the farmer and the integrator. The popularity of this model is influenced by the fact that the integrator takes most of the risks as opposed to an independent farmer. The integrator takes full responsibility of providing day old chicks, feed, medicines and supervision to the farmers. In addition, the integrator brings Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and technical know-how which leads to higher productivity. Absence of these benefits resulted in heavy investments, multiple sources of interaction, and overall poor yield to the independent farmer.

Opportunities for Broiler

Indians prefer fresh chicken which is generally sold as live birds and slaughtered in the neighborhood shops. However, consumption trends change with time. Today, with changing lifestyles, the Indian consumer is accepting both dressed chicken and fresh chilled chicken. This change in pattern provides with multiple ways of reaching out to the consumer and accommodating the increasing demand. Add to these, the rising income among the young and urban, the increasing domestic demand will only result in continuous growth of the broiler market.


Scrumptious Chicken being a niche market product, concentrates on the niche segment of the society; high income group residential locations, multi-brand departmental stores, premium restaurants and food joints.

Target Customers:
In accord with the segmentation, Scrumptious Chicken defines its target customers as: Health conscious
Quality centric
High income individuals
Multi-brand departmental stores
Premium restaurants and food joints

Positions itself as a premium product in the dressed chicken market in the minds of the huge meat eating segment of society which emphasizes on quality, Scrumptious Chicken calls itself ‘A Symbol of Quality!’

Over a period of 25 years, Suguna has gone from strength to strength and has become a Rs. 4800 crore company that makes it India’s No. 1 broiler producer. "Poultry Integration" introduced and pioneered by Suguna in the country has energized the livelihoods of farmers in rural India....
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