Dress Room Policy

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P. Thomas Schaefer
Dressing Room Policy
At Marshalls there is a certain way to try your clothes on, probably different from other places. Some people say it is a good idea to have a strict policy in the dressing room while others think it’s a waste of time standing in line in order to enter the dress room with a tag. A dress room associate will guide the customer in by checking the items he/she has. Anything else but clothes or shoes is not allowed inside and customers may not take more than ten pieces. It is the dress room associates’ responsibility to make sure the number of items that enters the dress room comes out. Counting the number of items in the dress room at Marshalls protects the stores items. First of all, this policy prevents the store from losing merchandise. According to Marshalls, they lost $323.00 every day last year. The #1 department that lost the most money is the Juniors’ section which holds clothes from ages 13 and up. This warns dress room employees to pay more attention when counting. A couple years back when there wasn’t a dress room associate, Marshalls would lose thousands of dollars every day, according to a long experienced coworker who has been working in the store for 8 years. In addition, since a dress room associate is always standing in place while other employees have to move around in the store, it is easier for the associate to report any loss by calling Loss Prevention- a department responsible for any kind of losses- If she finds clothes missing from customers, or price tags that can be taken off light weight items in the dressing rooms, these are some signs of lost merchandise. Also, counting the items reminds the customers that they are not purchased yet. This may give them some honesty in giving the clothes back as they are. After...
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