Dress codes

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Dress Codes

Dress codes are probably one of the most concerning things for both parents and educators. Both say that dress codes can effect and improve your learning, while most students believe that being forced to dress in pants and a sweater in 30 degree weather is not fair at all.

I’ll start off with saying that I don’t really agree with the whole “shorts need to be mid thigh thing” It’s simply a waste of my money as well as my parents money going out and buying shorts that I hate. I’m only going to wear them for the few weeks of school that is left anyway. Did I mention that finding mid thigh shorts is one of the hardest things to do, they’re not in fashion anymore so searching every store in Barrie for them is simply a waste of my time. Now I understand that it’s inappropriate to be wearing shorts that show things that shouldn’t be showing, but no one wants to wear shorts that go down half way to their knees, they are just plain ugly and most stores only provide you with short shorts. Allowing an inch and a half shorter would be perfect.

Now for the shirts, when the weather gets hot you can’t help but want to put on that new cute tank top you bought the other day. But then you remember the 4 finger rule. Straps need to be 4 fingers? Seriously where can find a tank top thats 4 fingers? Sometimes it just gets to hot to be wearing a T-shirt during 30 degree weather. Seeing the shoulders of guys and girls in school isn't going to hurt anyone. Pants shouldn't be worn when it's hot, you can't concentrate on your work, because you are only thinking about how hot it is and how much longer until you can go home and change. Second, I find it completely unfair that grades 4 and under are aloud to wear whatever they want, whenever they want. Seeing them running around outside and they’re tiny shorts and a spaghetti strap tops isn’t fair. If theres any dress code at all I believe that it should apply for all grades and staff members as well. Which leads me...
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