Dress Codes

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School Dress Codes

Schools and students have two different opinions on dress codes. Students want to wear designer clothing to school to increase social status and individuality. Parents are buying expensive clothes for their children as a reward for good grades. Meanwhile, the students are getting robbed and killed for their clothing. Some schools enforce dress codes to discourage violence against students that choose to wear higher priced clothing.

The school’s main objective is keeping children safe while attending school. A psychologist for Detroit school system explains how our society is too materialistic. Students need to have better self-confidence and should want people to like them for their personality and who they are and not for their clothing. The psychologist makes a point when she says “A dress code is a temporary measure that is limited in scope.” The students not only want to steal clothing from the children but also want to overpower the person. In addition, School should take the dress code further to help the violence even more.

Dress codes have positive and negative effects for students. I agree with the psychologist Mary Louise Starks who sys “ Our entire society has become extremely materialistic. Greed is reflected from the highest public offices to the streets.” I believe that the dress code does help an extent, but outside of school is the same problems. People steal from other people and kill for materialistic belongings. When I was in high school all the girls wanted to have name brand clothing and pocket books. The high school was out in the country so there wasn’t all that many robbery’s or assaults. Starks really makes a good point about our society. Everything seems to be who you know and how much money you have. The younger generation really takes social status in high school to the limits. To me it’s important to be open minded and have your own style, not to follow the crowd.

Materialistic belongings are not worth...
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