Dreamwork. Do They Work Towards Social Responsibility?

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What do they do right? What are their values? Give examples of how they treat their employees. Do they work towards social responsibility?
-We at DreamWorks also remember to give back to the society by way of Corporate Social Responsibility. It is just right to be socially responsible as corporate citizens. We have started a Career, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Project (CLEP Africa), which is saddled with the responsibility of raising leaders and helping young people pilot their way to a dream career. CLEP Africa holds at regular intervals and in different cities as the need and demand arises and also depends on our itinerary for a given year.
-Yes they do work towards social responsibility. DreamWorks Animation delivers "high-quality family entertainment through the use of computer-generated animation." But in order to create these high-quality films, it is necessary to be innovative in every aspect of a movie to make it compelling enough to attract viewers.
-In order to motivate its employees, management is responsible for fostering that innovation by creating a hospitable atmosphere.
-The employees are set up to enjoy themselves. Even holding movie nights of some of its successful releases, employees barely seem to be working.
-Employees relax and enjoy their workplace.
- DreamWorks develops trust within its employees.
-DreamWorks implemented a program called "Life's a Pitch," in which each employee is charged with contributing towards the firm's productions. Employees ranging from accountants to engineers are tasked to come together and pitch their own ideas in a collaborative setting to utilize their creativity and be a part of the films that they make. Through these workshops, DreamWorks takes advantage of the strong culture to implement cross-functionalism and a better distribution of ideas.

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