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Dreams FRom My Father Speech--Barack Obama

By imdrinkingcoffee Feb 12, 2014 371 Words

Non-fiction Book Speech
Smoking pot, underage drinking, partying, cursing… How much do you know about your president’s background? I picked this book off the shelf because I was intrigued about my president’s background and how he got to where he is. The book Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama captures Obama’s childhood, stories about his father, and his rocky route to success.

Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama dictates that through uncertainty, racism, and bad choices he made his way to a prosperous life. -The book opens with Obama receiving a phone call from some distant aunt in Kenya that his father has died. -Then the story flashbacks to his childhood when he recalls the numerous stories told to him by his mother and grandparents about the dad he didn’t know. -His mother soon remarries to a man in Indonesia. So his mom and he move from suburban Hawaii to wild Indonesia where he has a pet ape and many wild creatures.\ -A few years later, his mom sends him back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents and attend American schools. -Over the next few years Barack starts playing basketball and then he goes to high school where he starts making some questionable choices like drinking and smoking marijuana. -Obama still makes it into a good college in LA where he gets a degree in business, then moves to New York. -In New York he works as a financial writer then a community organizer. -Then we are back to where the story begins, so Obama goes to his father’s death place—Kenya. It ends with him in Kenya at his father’s grave under a mango tree. -In the epilogue, he goes to law school and meets his wife Michelle—setting him up for the president we now know.

Barack Obama reflects on his adolescence, distant tales about his father, and his path toward his dreams. He wrote this to inform the reader that bumps in the road shouldn’t keep them from their destination. He does this in a disconnected dry tone, but the message prevails. Whether you do stupid things or hardships come your way, nothing can keep you from success.

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