Dreams and Goals Are Like Spongebob and Patrick

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Dreams and goals are like SpongeBob and Patrick, they go perfectly together. Everyone has goals, or things they want to accomplish in life. It’s whether they follow through on those goals that truly matters. Everyone also has a dream, whether it’s realistic or not. Your dream can range from being a farmer to being the Queen of England with 100 kids and all the money in the world, but it all depends on you. There may be a million people that have the same dream as you but there’s never going to be the same person who will follow the same path to get there.

My dream is to be a wealthy, married mother, and a C.E.O of a prospering female African American lawyer firm. This has been my dream since the age of 10. I mainly want to be this because I strongly value justice and love proving people wrong, or defending people who are right. This comes naturally to me since I am the youngest of a sister and brother with 4 years on me. Wealth is another part of my goal, because I enjoy being able to buy what I please without having to constantly watch what I spend. Constantly being offered to babysit for friends of the family has caused me to grow to love children more than a normal 13 year old would.

My goals are too get too my dream (long term goal) with a few short term goals in-between. Obviously, my long term goal is to be a wealthy married mother, and a C.E.O of a prospering female African American lawyer firm which is also my dream. There are plenty of obstacles standing in-between me and my goal, but I’m very capable of finding solutions to the problems that may appear. One of my short term goals is to finish middle school with a high grade point average too get into an advanced high school. My next goal is to finish high school with outstanding grades so that I will be able to get a scholarship to a school that is known for their law program. The final goal is too, finish College in the least amount of years as possible and hopefully find a...
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