Dream world

Topics: Moon, Cherry blossom, Cherry Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Dream World
A long time ago I had read a story, a story of a man and his goal to create a new world with peace. The perfection that those inked lines held were amazing, one is still in my head rings like a note of the piano-“I will create, a new world with you in it.” Reading his life story, I understood what he meant, that innocent line can bring tears into my eyes. There is a deep meaning to it. My body was shivering, I was scared. What happened? I opened my eyes slowly, with a shocked expression plastered on my round face, ocean blue eyes wide and teary, thick black eyelashes and added black eyeliner making them stand out. I had to lift up my hard, hair sprayed black fringe up since I was struggling to see. I stood there mesmerised by the sight in front of me. It was peaceful, calm; it was nature before human kind, soft light, green grass almost touching my bare ankles, it was slightly wet and cold but comforting, thin streaks tickling my bare feet as I moved around slowly. Small Daisies blooming standing out of the greenery with they’re fragile white bodies. My breath was taken away instantly when I landed my eyes on a beautiful lake; its clear water being disturbed by a tiny wind and my touch, its warm soft substance wetting my palm lightly, the sparks that hovered above the lake illuminating it; in the centre of a lake a reflection of the moon but not just any moon… the red moon. A round the edges the lake reflected like a mirror- cherry blossom trees at the full bloom and the perfect sweet sense that surrounded the atmosphere its silky pink leafs scattering around the place like a soft pink blanket, the trees’ hard textured bark covering soft wood that is inside. The Cherry trees surrounding the lake like hiding it in protective manner which made me wonder in an awe. Just a few steps away from the stunning lake there was a hill, hard grey rocks surrounding it, the once soft light green grass fading away as you go further up, every step I took the grass...
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