Dream of a Thousand Cats

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Dream of a Thousand Cats
In the “Dream of a Thousand Cats” there was a particular section that stuck out to me. Looking into the eyes of the dream cat, the Siamese saw a world much different from hers. Large cats being groomed, fed, and pet by tiny humans, who were then hunted out of amusement. One human stood up and told his fellow man that they can change their world. It can be a world of human beings where they were no longer hunted and killed. The humans had dreamed together, a thousand, and stood up to the cats. The world was different. Cats were tiny and the humans were now the large beings who were in control. When the Siamese said “So they dreamed the world into the form it is now” she is believing that cats were on top at some point. But then the dream cat elaborates, “They dreamed the world so it ALWAS WAS the way it is now, little one. They changed the universe from the beginning of all things, until the end of time.” The dream cat is saying that with the many dreams humans have had, have changed the world around them. If the humans can make a difference from dreaming, the cats can make changes from their dreams. But they would need enough cats to bond together with their dreams for differences to be made. In the last panel the Siamese is lying next to a fireplace, awakening from her dream. With the dream she just had, she had already made a difference. She now believed anything can be accomplished as long as there is someone out there with a dream to make a difference. We make differences everyday with our dreams; whether we dream of a better lifestyle, a new career, or a new car. If we believe in something, we can change our lives and the people’s lives around us. We can make our world better or worse with our dreams. When we dream in numbers we are unstoppable.

“Many seasons ago cats ruled this world.” The cats were worshiped by the humans. They brought justice and protection among the people. Statues were made of cats. Bastet was the goddess...
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