Dream of Success in The Great Gatsby and Secret Daughter

Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: June 19, 2013
As both novels proceed, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda, the characters in the books are portrayed as hard working people to achieve their dream of becoming rich. Opposing to this idea the characters are also struck with greediness to achieve their dreams of success in a selfish way. In both novels, the characters choose similar ways to achieve success. In both novels, the characters are determined to earn money for a better life. To begin, in Secret Daughter, Jasu works hard and with honesty to earn money even when it involves risking his own life. Despite of knowing the hazards involved in his job at the bicycle shop, Jasu is dedicated enough to go there to earn money. While working, "Jasu has tripped over electric cables that run all over the floor. The dust and fumes from the welding torches irritate his throat and eyes so much... Nevertheless Jasu feels fortunate to have this job"(Gowda, 119). Even though Jasu trips over the cables or the dust gathers in his eyes, he is still willing to work hard. This shows his willingness for not giving up to work so that he can accomplish his goal of satisfying the needs of his family. Additionally, when Somer and Kris came back to San Francisco from India after adopting Asha, Kris starts working for more hours at the hospital involving him to take some risk. To stabilize their finances, "On their third night home, Kris works an overnight shift at the hospital, and Somer finds herself feeling anxious about her first night alone with Asha"(84).Since Kris has a dream of earning well and providing a better life to his family after the adoption of Asha, he also works for overnight shifts. This shows he is really determined to achieve this dream for which he is also willing to give up spending time with his family. Similarly to Jasu and Kris determination to work with honesty for achieving success, George Wilson and Nick are also determined to strive for...

Bibliography: Gowda, Shilpi, Secret Daugter. New York, Harper Collins, 2010
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