Dream Journal: Observation and Interpretation

Pages: 3 (705 words) Published: February 20, 2014

Dream Journal
Tram Nguyen
Bishop Eustace Prep School
Mr. Tropiano / AP Psychology
November 19, 2013

Dream Journal
This dream occurred on November 8, 2013. Total amount of sleep is 7.5 hours. Record / Content
My family and I were on an airplane flying to someplace I do not remember. A guy, who appeared to be my boyfriend in the dream, announced our wedding to my mom. My interaction was joyful and friendly. I also sit next to a kid who I found annoying. His name sounded somewhat like Hure and his face reminded me of a sophomore at Eustace. The dream was in color but not clearly. I kept seeing us switching from airplanes to one another. Earlier in the day, I watched several episodes of Breaking Bad in which had a scene of airplane crash. This maybe the relationship it has with my dream. Observation / Interpretation

My feelings were neutral about that dream. Nothing is too depressed or too joyful. An interpretation of airplane on dream dictionary is sense of being on routes to desire or need for a vacation. It was not a lucid dream since I was not aware. Pharmacy and Swimming meeting

This dream occurred on November 10, 2013. Total amount of sleep is 10 hours. Record / Content
This dream had many settings. I saw myself going to a pharmacy to pick up some sort of medicines. Then, I went to a swimming team meeting. I saw Raymond and we talked. I could not remember the content of the conversations. Our interaction was friendly. I was in the water and swimming. I heard someone was yelling my name but I could no longer remember. The dream was not in color. There are not really any relationships about events in my life. The only possibility is that I also watched Breaking Bad earlier and the character has to buy stuff to cook meth at a drugstore. Observation Interpretation

This was an odd dream because I do not belong to the swim team. Swim in dreams could symbolize at peace and...
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