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Topics: Nursing, Registered nurse, Licensed practical nurse Pages: 4 (1236 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Essay 2 for COMM150
Shannon Burkett
Bryant & Stratton College
COMM150: Introduction to Information Literacy
Mrs. Pandora
November 6, 2012

My name is Shannon Burkett. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) currently enrolled at Bryant and Stratton College to acquire an Associate degree in nursing. My dream job would to be to hold a position as a Trauma Nurse.  As a Trauma Nurse, I would enjoy working in an Emergency Room setting, in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), or as a Life Flight Nurse.  With the interest in becoming a Trauma Nurse, I have performed the necessary research covering the responsibilities, working as a nurse in today’s job market both for the State of Ohio and Nationally, and the salary of a Trauma Nurse in a variety of settings.  Challenging Job Duties

 Some of the most important and challenging job duties of a Trauma Nurse include documentation, administering medications and treatments, and consulting with the doctors (Bureau Of Labor Statics [ BLS], 2012, para.2). I interviewed an instructor I had when in school to obtain my LPN, Karin Sassio.  Karin was one of my in-class instructor and my clinical instructor.  She has since moved to Michigan and is now the Director of Nursing at a Long-term care facility.  I choose Karin for this project because she is very knowledgeable, she has been a nurse for a long time, and has worked in a variety of healthcare settings. I asked Karin “What is the most rewarding part of being a nurse?” Karin replied, “The most rewarding part of being a nurse, to me, is to help someone and see them improve so they can go home, and back to a normal life” (Sassio, 2012). 

(Google, 2012)

National Job Market and Trends
 The number of Registered Nurses employed in the nation is 1,737,400. According to Roma Lightsey, “falls, medication errors, pain management, and patient education are just some of the areas that are neglected due to a shortage of nurses” (Lightsey, 2012, ¶ 5). Job opportunities...

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In writing this essay I have learned that communication, being detailed-oriented, and being emotional stable for the patients are some of the most important qualities to possess in this field of nursing. I have learned the salaries for RNs. I have learned the job outlook and trends for the State of Ohio and Nationally. I have learned that the field of nursing is continually growing due to the older generation aging, and the job outlook is excellent.
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