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Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: June 28, 2012
My dream as a teacher
Everyone has a dream. Some may dream of being millionaires; others give more preference to important leaders as their dreams; there’re still others who tend to dream as popular singers or actors, etc. However, as a school student, I show a special liking for teachers. As far as teachers are concerned, they play an increasingly important role in school life. It is their laborious work that reaps bountiful benefits for the growth of students. All they do is give instruction and impart knowledge for the sake of students’ all—around development. They set a good example to us with regard to knowledge、modesty、wisdom. We’re greatly influenced by their noble personality. becoming a teacher as my future career. For this reason and out of admiration, there’s no doubt that I dream of assuming the teaching post as my ideal job in the future. Once I sat on a chair, staring at the teacher lecturing in front. I was lost in thought. I couldn’t help remembering one thing, which deeply touched me and left a strong impression upon me. On May 12th, an unprecedented earthquake hit Wenchuan in Sichuan Province. During that terrible moment, lots of teachers strived to save students, without taking their own safety into consideration. Some even managed to rescue students at the cost of their precious life. Their noble and selfless conducts move me greatly. What strength is it that motivates the teachers to save students? The answer is simply “love”, a common but supreme word. The event adds to my further knowledge that teaching for teachers is sacred and irreplaceable. And as for teachers, teaching is nothing but honorable and admirable. I have a dream which I bear in mind firmly. That is, I want to become a teacher in the future. If I became a teacher, I would teach in Western China as a volunteer. A large number of poor students are lacking in opportunities for education. They desire that they be educated as well as those in cities. I hope I’ll...
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