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Dream Interpretation
1. Introduce myself:
a. Hello, my name is.......
2. Introduce topic:
a. Today I will be teaching you the basics of interpreting your dreams 3. Introduce my qualifications:
a. I am a dreamer, as we all are or have been at one point in our lives; I know what its like to wonder what the reasoning of my dreams are. This is when I decided to research dreams a lot. In no way would I call myself an expert, but I found a slight interest in something and went with it. [Transition: I will do a hand poll of how many people have ever wondered what their dreams meant, especially the ones that reoccur.] Body:

1. Sleep cycles have a lot to do with how you remember your dreams. a. While you are sleeping, you go through a repeating sleep cycle that consists of four different stages. Each cycle is about 90-120 minutes. The stages of sleep cycle are organized by the amount of brain activity happening at that time. a.i. During stage 1 you are in a light sleep, your eyes begin making non-rapid movements, your muscles relax, body temperature lowers, and heart rate slows. a.ii. Stage 2 is also characterized by non-rapid eye movements. But your body drops even more in temperature. During this stage your body’s immune system goes to work on repairing any damage that occurred during the day. a.iii. In stage 3 your metabolic levels are extremely slow.

a.iv. Stage 4, the last stage, is referred to as REM or rapid eye movement sleep. This stage occurs about 90-100 minutes after the onset of sleep. a.v. These stages repeat themselves throughout the night. You spend more time dreaming in stage 4. b. You typically remember the dreams when you wake up during stage 4 of your sleeping cycle. These dreams are the most vivid. [Transition: ]

2. There are many different types of dreams, including day dreams, nightmares, 3. Most dreams occur in a ‘theme’; meaning they have more meaning than what meets the eye. a. Falling dreams are incredibly common...
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