Dream house

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Dream House
Everyone has their own thoughts about their dream house.
These days homes are more affordable because of the economy and all the foreclosures makes it much easier to afford a really nice house. My dream house is not a fancy house that I could never afford; its a home I could see my wife and I having in the future. I have seen many homes that I thought to myself, this house would be perfect. A few characteristics I want to describe about my dream house are the appearance, location, and decor.

I want my house to have a nice large home with coffee stained wood finish on the outside full of crystal clear windows of all different sizes. I imagine as you walk into my home there would be high ceilings and hanging over the entryway would be a big crystal chandelier. When entering the home, there would also be a place for you to hang your coat, rest, and take off your shoes from a long day’s work. I want a house that is not brand new but not too old either because I do not want to have fix the house constantly or hear the creaking floors while walking around. I always thought it would be nice to have solar panels, a windmill, and a garden so I can be self reliant. The grass would be a bright healthy green almost as if it was not real. Around the house would be a large fence to allow for our privacy and to keep the animals in.

My dream house will be in a community, but I want it to be in an area that is not to busy for convenience and for the safety of our future children. I always thought it would be nice to have a couple of acres for my dogs to run about and a beautiful lake stocked with fish for the dogs to go into and cool off during the hot summers. Illinois is a beautiful state and would be a nice place to settle down and have this dream house. Another significant thing about the home would be the long...
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