Dream: Basketball and Big Play Ground

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Dream Essay

I have dreams that I want it to come true. I want my house to be on the beach. My

dream house will have around forty rooms that will be in circle. In the middle there will

be a big play ground. My house will have about five garages. All the rooms of the house

will have a balcony. My house will have four helipads. House will have indoor

swimming pool, gym, and basketball court. I want my house to have playground because

I can play cricket because it’s my favorite sport. I want helicopter too so I kept helipads

on the roof. So I can go around and fly over the city and beach.

I want to design a car that doesn’t have wheels. It will be a flying car. It will have

three propellers attached to the car. Two on the side and one on the front. Car can run on

the water, it can fly and it can also run on the road. Car can also turn in to a boat or a mini

submarine. My dream car can reach the speed of 300 mph.

My dream vacation will be going to a beach because I love swimming and jet

skiing. I want go on a beach where it has so many trees, clean water, and really good

food. I also want a tree house so I can live there with my family. I would also like to

spend my vacation on islands. Because I like natural views like sunrise, sunset and

rainbow. I like to play sports on a beach with friends.

I want to be an electrical engineer and work at some good place. I want to be an

engineer because they get good paid and the work isn’t too hard to do. I also like holidays

and if I make good money then I can go back to India and live there with my family and

friends. I will also have more responsibility about my work and family. If I make good

money then I will be also helping orphan kids and old age home. Everyone has dreams that they want it to come true. But to make your dream

come true you have to work after it. I also have dreams and I will also try my best to

make it...
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