Dream and Dreams 6-8min I.

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Informative Speech Outline: Dreams 6-8min
A.Attention Getter: Have you ever woken up from a dream and remembered it clear as day, or not remembered anything at all? How about wondered what your dreams, or what your lack of dreams meant? B.General Purpose: To inform.

C.Specific Purpose: My goal today is to share with you as much as I can about dreaming. D.Thesis Sentence: I will describe why and how we dream, answer commonly asked questions about dreaming, and go a little bit into dream analysis. E.Establish Credibility: For years I’ve tried to find the meaning of my dreams, I’ve even kept dream journals to follow through with my curiosity, and now I’ve done extensive research into the understanding of dreams. F.Preview Main Points: Today I would like you to be able to leave with the knowledge of something according to dreams, whether it be why we dream, a question you’ve always had answered, or simply something about dream analysis. G.Relevance to Audience: All of us have at some point wondered something about our dreams, today is the day to have your questions answered.

Transition: Let’s get started.

Thielman 2
A.First of all, let me share the facts about how and why we actually dream. 1.We dream because our brain does not completely shut down when we sleep. a.The brain is still active, but our muscles are paralyzed. b.REM sleep disorder is a sleep disorder where our muscles are not paralyzed during REM sleep; therefore a person will excessively move in their sleep, which explains sleep walking, or sleep talking. c. REM stands for rapid eye movement

d.The system of the brain that directs our dreams is called the limbic system. e.The limbic system also controls our emotions; hence, if a person has many sad dreams, their dreams alone can lead them into a depression. 2.Now back to REM, we have two ways of dreaming, REM sleep and non-REM sleep. a.REM sleep lasts about 20 minutes and we cycle into it...

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