Dream Act

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Dream Act
The dream act is no more than the opportunity to earn conditional residency status for deportable students. It was first introduced in the United States on August 1, 2001, but it has not been approved since. This bill would give the opportunity to students who graduate from high school or those who earn a GED to get a higher education, but would not this affect our economy, since we are suffering a similar situation as the great depression back in 1929? Students getting a higher education might help America to solve the economy faster but why take any chances if Americans are doing a great job? Should this law be passed and let those who really want an education accomplish what those who already can get an education do not want? Or should the House of Representatives forget about this and throw student’s hopes away and invest the money in something more productive?

The DREAM Act stands for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act. The purpose of the Dream Act is to help students who meet certain requirements to go to a college or the military and get a temporary residence and have a path to citizenship. This will not only help students but it will benefit the whole country because people are the United States’ face, yet they only want the chance to contribute back to the country. According to a study about 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school most of them able to qualify for this bill. This means that there is the same amount of talents wasted, in fact; what if one of those students had the cure for a virus or what if one of them had an invention that will win a novel price. Imagine all of this thrown away because students are not eligible for student loans.

Supporters of the DREAM Act claim that these young people, although not currently legal, are a typical example of the “American Dream”. They highlight that these students are some of the brightest in the nation having graduated honor students, class presidents, or student leaders. Having been brought here as a young children, they have lived here almost all their lives, some of them do not even know how home looks like, and represent some of the best America has to offer. These individuals try to persuade others that America cannot afford to spend wastefully its “most precious human resources” and everyone should support Dream Act in order to have a better country.

They further argue that children who were brought into the United States had no say in the decision and government cannot hold them fully responsible for an immigrant status that was derived from their parents. Supporters also say the DREAM Act contribution would pay back the educational investment within 4 years, leading to continued taxpayer profit in the future. (Dream Activist) After surviving the poor conditions the children have faced, supporters declare, “these young people deserve to be rewarded for doing the right thing” (Dream Activist)

In addition, the DREAM Act would reduce the dropout rate of immigrant students, for foreign-born students represent a high percentage in the student population. If students drop, it costs money to all taxpayers and economy each year. DREAM Act will keep students motivated to go to college, and they will even do better at school since there is a reason for them to keep going. Just imagine that student graduates from high school, then there are more possibilities that they go to college, and then after college they get a good job. There is no way that these actions will affect the economy; on the contrary, they might invest in business or other things good for the country’s economy ready to give back to their community by being a ready American-educated workforce. The impact of the Dream Act could amount of hundreds of billions of dollars, as Edilsa Lopez argues in an article by the Business Today’s magazine; in fact, it will not be limited to increase earnings, tax revenues, and social services savings. In...
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