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Dreadful Monster

By liu_pku Apr 23, 2014 628 Words
Dreadful Monster
Flood is one of the highly devastating natural disasters. Every year thousands of people die of this unpredictable monster. Wherever it goes it will cause great loss. Fields will be ruined, houses will be washed away and many people will become homeless. Devastating as it is, it still can give a new beginning to the whole world, which is shown in the story of “Noah’s Ark”. Those are all the impressions I fell about floods through TV shows and my mother’s bedtime stories. The sight of a flood was even more horrible when I went through the massive flooding during the 1998 summer. I was playing with my sisters upstairs while the thunder was roaring and the rain was pouring. We were used to staying at home since it had been raining for almost a week. Suddenly, I heard strange splashing noises downstairs. I stopped playing and decided to take a peek over the railing. The sight that greeted me made me gasp. The water, which was brownish and with an unpleasant smell, had entered my home. The barrier had been broken and the river was overflowing its bank. At the same time, my father came to find me and take me to upper floor. After helping me settle down, he ran downstairs and let in the people, who came here to find safety. I stayed on the third floor along with these people the whole afternoon. They were crying for their properties. It happened so unexpected that they didn’t have time to pack their belongings. They had left all of their belongings in their homes, which were certainly being washed away by the flood. After a terrifying night, the rain stopped and the water seemed quieter. I went to the roof to have an overview of the flood. I was shocked to see the terrible sight. Everything seemed to come to a halt after the flood ransacked everywhere. There was nothing but endless water. Everywhere you looked was brown. The water flows faster than usual. Trees, poles and some houses were submerged in water, and cases and clothes were flowing along the dirty water. After a while, some soldiers came over by steamboat. As soon as they came, some of them drove the steamboat around to get victims out of the water, some carried sand bags to build a dam in order to prevent water from rushing out, and others supplied us with daily food and fresh water. Day by day, the river level began to fall. Some medical groups came to help with health problems, such as infectious disease which often occurs after a flood. We were told not to eat any dead animals and we could only drink the water they supplied or we may get ill. Also there were volunteers, equipped with tents and building tools, coming to help with the clean-up and offered clothes and money, to help us rebuild. With the help from far and near, we found relief, and we were confident about rebuilding our homes and going through all the difficulties. The flood thing made me understand that we human beings were a drop of water in a whole sea when faced with the devastating flood. The revenge of nature is unmerciful, but we can overcome all the difficulties if everyone gets together and focuses on one thing. It’s easy to snap a single chopstick, but it can be really hard to snap a bunch of chopsticks. Maybe I will never see the people who helped us that time again, but I think love can be passed down by offering a hand to those who need help in life. My power is weak, but when all the weak power gather, it can make big changes!

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