Draytons Case Study

Topics: Wine, Water, Grape Pages: 4 (1077 words) Published: July 27, 2013
Drayton’s case study

1. Nature of the economic enterprise
Viticulture or grape growing is an agricultural activity, which has specific requirements for soil, sunshine, rainfall and warmth located in rural areas.

Primary production- draws on raw materials around area grape growing and winemaking regarded as single agricultural activity

Labor intensive- when spraying vines every 8-10 days 10-12 times in the cycle. Pruning vines, picking season30 + Hand pickers working 7-10 hours a day pulling out 12-14 Tonne a day with average around 450 Tonne however last year only 205 Tonne. Mostly handpicked because mechanical cannot get in small rows.

Long term breakeven- 10 years to break even on vineyard and 20 years on winery can be used as a ‘tax haven’ but also mostly family owned big business cant see benefit in it.

Technologically sophisticated- moving towards mechanical such as pickers however mostly retained traditional ways but also using science including using a hydrometer to measure alcohol content and monitoring different factors including fermentation.

Climate and atmosphere mild Mediterranean winters rainfall in early summer but not very much -soil is alluvial which in is the flat land and where the white wine varietals are planted , the more clay based soil on the hill is where the red varietals are grown soil isn’t very fertile but grapes don’t mind this quality over quantity - aspect bull paddock where we were vines located on north south run with them being planted on a contour but ideally vines would be planted east-west so that grapes don’t get ‘sunburn’ in afternoon sun. - water availability heaps of water availability 2 megalitre dam on site lots of water storage also in a scheme with 360km of pipes from hunter valley called private irrigation directive (P.I.D) so that they are insured against mother nature water is expensive though $450 dollars per megalitre compared to $20 on their griffth...
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