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A Poem on Rahul Dravid written by a fan! :D
Rahul Dravid is the master of all,
To defense his team, he stands there tall,
That's why he's named as 'The Wall',
He can scare away the bowler and the ball.
So polite, so gentle and so quiet,
Technically, he's always very right,
He's one of the most perfect guide,
And all the rules he'll always abide.
Hardworking, determined and down to earth,
That's what he represents since his his birth,
He's the one we approach during dearth,
He's the one who has carried cricket forth.
Creating a niche for himself here,
Combating away all sorts of fear,
All sorts of pressure he'd nimbly bear,
Hence, he's the one who's been very dear.
Challenging the challenges depicts him well,
Once initiated soaring, he has never fell,
Hoping he always keeps ascending the same way,
And for us, always being this hope, this ray.
Appropriately acknowledged as Mr. Dependable,
He's the one who's the most appreciable,
For 16 long years, he had a vocation really stable,
That's the reason he's the most able, most capable.
And here comes the sad moment,
Where the path he walked on has turned, is bent,
He has retired from internationaland domestic cricket,
And such a wonderful cricketer we may never get.
Usually seen in national jersey ora formal suit
Just “Lots of respect and a grandsalute”
These words come to my mind when I think of Rahul Dravid,
To whom after these glorious years a gloomy farewell we had bid.!!

Rahul Dravid has seen the most wickets fall while he has been batting inTests.
Rahul Dravid saw 453 batsmen get outwhile he was batting.
453 Rahul Dravid (Ind)
448 Shivnarine Chanderpaul (WI)
365 Allan Border (Aus)
350 Sachin Tendulkar (Ind)
349 Steve Waugh (Aus)...
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