Draper Manufacturign

Topics: Management, Ethnic group, Sociology Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: April 17, 2012
Draper Manufacturing
1. How would a cultural audit help Draper Manufacturing assess its diversity issues?

A cultural audit would possibly reveal both the good and bad – points of friction as well as opportunities for synergy. The audit should be a net-positive experience – after all, you’re learning about the company’s culture and learning about yourself in the process. Self-assessment is a very important component to finding a satisfying career path. 

What questions do you suggest be included in the cultural audit?

I would include some of these questions in a cultural audit: How would you describe the company’s mission (reason for being or purpose) based on the priorities it sets and the tradeoffs it makes? Does the company have programs in place that demonstrate they value your work? Does management have an open door policy? 

Do your values match those of the company?
Are your employees challenged? 
How do people communicate with one and other around here?

2. If you were the shipping and receiving or human-resources manager, how do you think you would feel about working at Draper?

If hired as a human-resources manager, I would scrap the notion that certain ethnicities are better than others in various roles within the company. I would look to see who may be qualified from within the current workforce and attempt to promote from within; which could possibly help ease some of the almost palpable racial tensions. To have current employees realize that they could move into almost any position would help detract from the racial tensions and seemingly “cliqued” make-up of the various departments.

What are some of the challenges you might face at this company? One of the most pressing challenges would be the racial sensitivities along with not only maintaining the diversity among the workforce but diversity from positions held within the various departments. A company’s diversity should encompass...
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