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Dramatic Monologue

By lyrapal Oct 07, 2014 277 Words
I will not lie and say I did not know that what I was doing was wrong from the very beginning. I did know, but simply feared what the truth would cause. Doing otherwise after so long is wasting energy on an unfixable problem; however the guilt has overpowered all that is in existence within me. I was fearful, afraid and a coward. Something I should have rejected for the justice of Mary Ann, Annie, Elizabeth, Catherine and Mary Jane. Instead, I watched humanity fail its duty of unity and peace. They deserved justice, these prostitutes. Yes prostitutes they all were, but they too were fearful and afraid as I had been. But never cowards. Unlike myself, these prostitutes did not lack courage and bravery. They did not fear the burdening pain as I did. Yet the truth remains that I did not want to reveal the imposters that existed in our country. I did not want these murders to determine the activities of my beloved people... 9 November 1888 - Death of Mary Jane Kelly.

This was the fifth time our country had been ripped of its faith in its people. She had been violently mutilated. The face had been hacked beyond recognition of Mary Jane Kelly. It was a routine, I had realised. Each murder had contained a brutal and aggressive fixation of death. Particularly, these five murders occurred on weekends, suggestive of the fact that this psychopath was a normal being, like me, and any other. But the truth once again remained that I did not want to expose the sickening reality that lay beneath the idealised layer of our people... These women, though prostitutes,

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