Drama Stolen Essay

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Australia, Implied volatility Pages: 4 (1402 words) Published: September 18, 2011

Discuss how the scenes you performed are uniquely Australian. You are to include a description of how the content and dramatic forms and conventions used in your group performance help to convey a uniquely Australian message. You may wish to include specific quotes from your scenes to justify your answers.

In my group performance, my group members and I chose two scenes from the play ‘Stolen’ that we thought appropriately conveyed a uniquely Australian message. We performed both of the scenes and took advantage of the themes presented in each scene by using Dramatic Techniques and Conventions such as symbolism, voiceovers, lighting, dialogue, contrast, and props.

The first scene that we performed in the play ‘Stolen’ is called ‘Your Mum’s Dead’. In this scene, I played the character of Jimmy’s mother while my other group members played the characters of Jimmy and the Warden. In this part of the play, we witness Jimmy tackling with his nostalgia and torment in the hands of the Institution. The issue of ‘excessive authority and power’ that the Australian authority exercised during this time is profoundly raised and explored in this scene. To illustrate that effectively, my group members and I incorporated the use of symbolism, voice over, contrasting images, and props in our performance. I start of the scene by reading out loud my character’s letters to Jimmy. While I read the letters, my other group members acted out the characters of Jimmy and the Warden. In this scene we incorporated the use of contrast between Jimmy’s mother’s hopeful message and the actuality of what Jimmy experienced at the hands of the Institution. We implemented this contrast by using stage directions and placement. My character was placed at the top right hand corner of the stage proportional to the bright lights of the stage while my group mates were behind me at a diagonal distance acting out the beating and...
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