Drama Gcse Edexcel

Topics: Performance, Audience, Audience theory Pages: 5 (1981 words) Published: July 25, 2013
Unit 1 Written Evaluation (1968 words).
For our unit one exam, we explored the dramatic concepts of justice, and whether or not justice could truly be achieved. In order to do so, our exam was partitioned into six one hour lessons each containing justice as a focus point, using different forms and techniques to explore in a variety of different ways. Firstly, we looked at how hot seating could be used to fully explore an emotionally realistic situation. Our main stimulus for this lesson was the story of the Soham murders; in which we used potential characters which may have been featured in the case. I believe that this task was exceptionally difficult as it required a lot of emotional depth in order to make the characters believable. This could be due to the fact that the experiences that the characters were involved in were based around a true event, and therefore our stories had to be liable. In terms of the dramatic potential of this lesson strategy, I feel it would have been more beneficial to the class if we had each attempted the exercise that our teacher had demonstrated. This required using postures and facial expressions in order to react to the interrogation provided from our class members. Another advantageous way to complete this exercise would be to perform our characters to the whole class, rather than just half. This way, I feel we would have gathered an even greater understanding of the objective due to a larger variation of ideas. One of the people that stood out particularly for me was Jean-Paul, playing the father of Ian Huntley. Showing emotional depth by explaining exactly how he felt, he was able to compare Ian’s character/personality to how he was before at childhood. In comparison with my own character; a parent of the classmate of the victims, I feel there was a lot more detail and precision to what he was doing. In our next task, we explored the concept by using the stream of consciousness. There was a link between this and the previous lesson, as we were all required to use our character from the prior lesson, and generate a monologue using an audio piece as our stimulus. I feel that this was a very focused and concentrated lesson – but this was likely to be due to the fact that a stimulus that was provided. In terms of effectiveness, it is a possibility that instead of writing as our own character, but as somebody else’s, it would have created a better sense of awareness for the potential characters involved in this situation – which was essentially our learning objective. Moreover, although it may not have been easy due to limited time, creating another story of some sort to explain why we were in the cafe/restaurant in the first place may have rectified the issue of people breaking out of character while in the cafe, and therefore would have been more appealing to watch from an audiences point of view. I believe that Samantha’s monologue was particularly successful. In her performance, she saw the murder case from a different perspective and took something very positive from such a dark and sinister event. To elaborate, she received a promotion out of the sickening murder case that she was required to deal with. Therefore, her piece could be seen as very innovative and original. Hugo’s monologue was also very novel. He took the role of a man who grew up with Ian Huntley, and profoundly explored the way he felt when he first discovered what had happened on television. Hugo’s performance forced me to think of how I would feel if I had turned on the news one day only to find out that my best childhood friend had committed such a sickly, horrifying crime. In terms of my own performance, I feel that although my monologue did not fall into the same category as some of the others, it was still incredibly detailed, intriguing and informative. I think that my piece had a real sense of realism about it and obtained the feel of a real genuine family. Both lessons explained previously...
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