Drama Evaluation

Topics: Performance, Better, Audience Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: December 12, 2010
My Evaluation

I think, although there were still a few mistakes, that my groups' (made up of; Liegha, Charlotte, Max, Robert, Katie, Claire and myself) performance went quite well.

Rehersals at the beginning of this term were horrible, with group arguing and not listening to eachother, but after a few weeks we began to pick it up with better communicational skills and having different people in charge (director) really helped with decision making and getting everyone to listen to different ideas. MY personal rehersals worked really well, I managed to learn most of my lines within a few weeks, which gave me more time to practise my staging positions and interaction with the other characters on stage, although I don't feel this showed in my perfomance.

My weakest scene would have been the 'Lancelot and Guineverre' scene, where Max and I were lead characters. I think due to the fact that all eyes were on us, as we were very close together, gave me slight 'stage-frieght' as my movement was quite stiff, unlike in rehersals. I forgot most of the stage directions we, as a group, decided to use, to make the scene more 'slap-stick comemdy' for the year 6's. Although I feel my vocal skills were my strongest skills for the scene; I sounded more like a queen/princess then a normal teenager, I articulated so that audience members could understand me, and I think I projected my voice quite loudly.

Our 'Booties' scene came over quite effectively, with everyone looking realistly hypnotized. Katie, our Leader, came off really strong and wise and Claire, our McConnamal, came off really well in the fact that she was trying to trick poor Liegha, Someone, into handing over all her money. All the Booties remember their lines, on time, so we were close to 'in sync' with eachover, which made the hypnotizism even more believeable. I think since the performance we have improved this scene, in the fact that we've got alot of energy for our new song 'Money, Money, Money' which...
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