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Half Term Drama Coursework
First Set
I thought that this drama workshop was worth two hours of skipping any lesson that would help me on my work. The mentor  Ms.Noah provides us a lot of good drama skills that can be used in our drama plays further on. The topic that we focused on in the workshop was Eye and Hand coordination , we played games such as “Follow the Hand” , “Up and Down” and “Listen the Leader”  to get us moving in and practicing on the topic that we are suppose to learn. Out of these three games , i recommend “Follow the Hand” if you want to learn it fast and easy. “Follow the Hand” requires a pair of each gender . One focusing the partner’s hand , while the partner control and moves the hand around to brush up their coordination between the hand and its body. Second Set

Brief Background of Coram Boy
The drama play Coram Boy was originally written by Edmundson with the finest musician composer Adrian Sutton.The action takes place in 18th century. The benevolent Thomas Coram has recently opened a Foundling Hospital in London called the "Coram Hospital for Deserted Children". Unscrupulous men, known as "Coram men", take advantage of the situation by promising desperate mothers to take their unwanted children to the hospital for a fee. The story follows a range of characters, focusing on two orphans: Toby, saved from an African slave ship; and Aaron, the deserted son of the heir to an estate, as their lives become closely involved with this true and tragic episode of British social history. The show was first staged at the National Theatre in London from November 2005 until February 4, 2006. It returned to the National Theatre from November 2006 to February 2007. The play then moved to Broadway at the Imperial Theater, starting previews on April 16, 2007, and officially opening on May 2, 2007. It closed on May 27, 2007 after only 30 performances and 17 previews.The show was nominated for six Tony Awards but did not win any. Music Background of...
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