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Lotte – Inspiration for Anne Frank - Holocaust museum


Perspective can vary in stories due to different circumstances. The Diary of a Young Girl is a subjective story of Ann Frank’s personal experience during the Holocaust. Ann Frank’s diary was written at the time of the event she has not had time to reflect on her experience and will often give exaggerated anecdotes. Ann Frank’s voice is an immature, naïve, youthful voice she is a hormonal thirteen year old girl. “When I came here, Father told me about prostitutes, etc., but all in all there are still unanswered questions”. Frank does not have the authority Chang has; the responder makes allowances by taking what Ann says with a pinch of salt. The diary of a young girl entertains the responder with her interest on the development of her body, sex and her interest in boys this can be seen in her constant questioning. The responder will take Frank’s narration with consideration as she is a thirteen year old girl who will often use exaggerate.

Elements belonging to personal stories enable audiences to gain wider insights and perspectives into stories. Ann Frank is a character who is quite loveable; Frank is a typical teenage girl the responder perceives Frank as a positive persona for the situation she is in. Although Frank is growing up in a corrupting society she is still talking about stereotypical teenage conversation such as boys and fighting with siblings. Despite her situation Frank gets on with her life “I live in a crazy time”, Ann Frank shows naivety and needs to be protected this manipulates the audience to empathise her suffering. Her Diary entries are typical of a thirteen year old such as gossip about school friends and jokes.

Frank is in a terrible situation during WWII and the holocaust, Frank’s positive view intrigues the audience into loving her character. The responder gets an insight into the frightening atmosphere the Frank family endured through Anne Frank’s use of first person and detail. Ann Frank’s story is a voice for those who were harmed because of their ethnicity, race or colour.

The Diary of a Young Girl by Ann Frank reveals the racial segregation Jewish people faced during the Holocaust in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

HSC Online Recommendations for Critical Analysis:

Important questions to ask yourself:

• Do I enjoy research?
• Do I have access to enough resources?
• Do I have areas I wish to explore that are within the perimeters or the research criteria? • Do I have a clear area of focus within my set topic? • Will I be able to make solid conclusions from the materials I research and the topic I have chosen? • Do I have the time to do this task adequately?

• Do I have a solid knowledge of language and clarity in my ideas and expression? • Do I have access to a computer where I can edit, type and amass my ideas and eventually present them in the correct format?


The Applied Research Project gives you the opportunity to frame your own specific area of study within a topic of interest to you. It gives you the further opportunity to approach it using any sources or resources at your disposal and to conduct research at your pace. Furthermore, because it is a constant work in progress you do not have the pressure of performing and being assessed on the ‘day’ but being able to present your months of work in submitted form and thus all your process can be evidenced.


• The ability to synthesise information
• The ability to communicate ideas
• The ability to make assumptions and assertions from well-rounded sources and evidence • An ability to use...
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