Drake Successful Essay

Topics: Rapping, Lil Wayne, Hip hop music Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: September 11, 2011
Successful Essay

The chorus and title of the song was the main part of the reason why I decided to choose this song. For one Drake is one of my all time favorite music artists next to Lil Wayne. He motivates me to be who I am and puts me in a positive attitude with his creative lyrics. I chose this song because it shows how Drake wants to be successful in his life and how he keeps himself going to achieve his dreams. He pushes past the troubles in his life and all the hate everyone throws at him to do what he wants to do, produce music, as he is on pretty much every hip hop radio station and selling millions of albums every week, I would have to say he made it to where he wants to be. One reason I chose this song was because I listen to a lot of hip hop music and well pretty much anything, but hip hop is up on my list. When talking about music that motivates me I would have to pick between Drake and Eminem, because they both can put such emotion in a few words to make it a paragraph of meaning. What they can do with their music amazes me. I like the way this song flows when he’s rapping and how the words go together. The flow and the words he says make sense. Compared to other rappers who don’t even make sense when they rap is not like Drake at all. He has a meaning to his music and this song is about him and all of his success in life so far. I chose Successful because it’s about Drake and what he wants to be, what he wants to do and he achieves what he wants in the end. He wants to rap, make money and live the good life, pretty much like everyone’s dream to be famous and rich. Starting out saying that he wants it all and the money isn’t enough to solve your problems; it can destroy your life and change you is what I pulled from that line. To ignoring the hate and doing what he wants, what he is doing is starting to pay off by getting awards and making money. Signing with other music artists and Young Money Entertainment, Drake is well on his way to where he...
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