Drake starting from the top

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Started From the Top

Just like many other rappers, Aubrey “Drake” Graham raps about how tough his life is/was and how he went from having nothing to having anything he wanted. However many people claim that these rappers rap about a life that they have never truly lived and that they try to create a public image that is fake which portrays them as a thug when they truly are not. In the articles, “Faux Americana: Why I Still Love Bruce Springsteen”, by Stephen Metcalf and “More Rock, Less Talk: Live Music Turns Off the Voices in Our Heads”, by Carrie Brownstein the authors discuss how they determine if an artist is authentic or not. One could argue that Drake is inauthentic due to the fact that he was an actor and lied about his background, along with the fact that he does not connect well with his fans during his live performances. Metcalf article claims that Bruce Springsteen had changed over the course of his music career. Metcalf argues that Bruce wrote music that wasn’t related to his life once he became famous and that he wasn’t the blue-collar guy he used to be, Metcalf states “Springsteen’s image similarly transformed” (Metcalf 548); He also talks about how Springsteen wrote music that didn’t really match up with his background. Metcalf believes that whether or not an artist’s music is accurate to their life determines if an artist or authentic or not. This article could apply to Drake as well because he too writes music that doesn’t

apply to his life. One of Drake’s most recent hits is titled “Started From The Bottom”. In this song Drake raps about how he started out with very little before he made it big as a rapper, and he made it sound like he was a true rags to riches story. Many argue that Drake never actually did start from the bottom however, and that he is portraying this image to better fit the stereotypical rapper, which in turn would help his sales more. Critics argue that Drake didn’t have a difficult childhood...
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