Dragon's Flight Across the Frozen Seas

Topics: Snowmobile, Bombardier Recreational Products, Snow Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Jensen Quinn
English 1010, Period 2
January 25, 2013

Dragon’s Flight Across the Frozen Seas

Life changing experiences can come in many different forms. Many small, and often hobby related, experiences have congealed into a mass of lessons and life principles that have made me a better person. Whether it was struggling on my own, or finding a new solution, I have grown in innumerable ways because of one bloody nose and broken tooth on Christmas. When I was very young, roughly four years old, my father gave me a snowmobile for Christmas. This of course made me ecstatic because when I was even younger I had gone on snowmobile rides with my father and thoroughly enjoyed it. The monumental event of getting a snowmobile changed my life, in that I have acquired vast amounts of life-long attributes. The day I received the tremendous gift, I was so excited that I ran around and immediately put all of my snow gear on. Unbeknownst to all of the spectators, and eventually the stunt-man-to-be, our dog had left a piece of wood on the lawn. Dog slobber makes wood freeze to the ground rather quickly, but no one gave the log a second thought. When I had the comparatively wimpy, mechanical beast fired up, I raced around the yard as fast as the tiny, 3-horsepower engine would carry me (regular snowmobiles have anywhere from 150 to 300 horsepower). Fun had just begun at the Quinn household until the horrible realization that 50 pounds of cheerful child, coupled with 150 pounds of metal and plastic would not be able to overpower the magnificent powers of icy dog spit. As I careened towards the wooden doom bearer, my father ran to stop me. Alas, the physical frailties of mortality were not enough to cut my joy ride short. I smashed into the lump of frozen plant matter with enough force that when my face hit the windshield, my front tooth loosened and I bled everywhere. When I first hit the log, I was terrified that my father would be mad at me for hitting something on...
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