Drafting & Design Basics

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Learning Drafting and Design Basics in an Online Environment: A Study Determining the Effectiveness
Davetta L. Gipson

A Paper Presented in Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements of
ED7210: The Delivery of Distance Education
June 4, 2004

100 Antioch Pike

Nashville, TN, 37211

(615) 837-7103


Dr. Joann Kroll Wheeler

Recently, the ITT Technical Institute Nashville Campus began offering their General Education courses in an online format for incoming students. A strong possibility exists that some technical core courses will be offered in the future using a distance delivery method to minimize the amount of time students spend on campus. Investigation into different delivery methods is imperative for an adequate comparison, as well as determining which method, if any, would be better suited for the school and students alike. The focus of this paper is to determine the best instructional technology method to be used for the introductory computer-aided drafting and design course. The methods to be compared are computer-aided instruction, computer-based training and Web-based training.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 3

List of Figures 4

List of Tables 5

Introduction 6

Understanding Computer-Aided Drafting & Design 7

1 Board Drafting Skills 7

2 Computer Drafting Skills 11

Current Course Offering 12

Converting From Traditional Method to Distance Delivery Method 14

1 Screening for Distance Learning Suitability 15

2 Determining Suitable Portions for Conversion 16

3 Selecting Appropriate Media for Conversion 16

1 Computer-Aided Instruction 17

2 Computer-Based Training 18

3 Web-Based Training 18

4 Determining Time Requirements for Development 20

5 Conversion Lifecycle 22

Conclusion 24


List of Figures
Figure 1. Drafting board 8
Figure 2. T-square 8
Figure 3. Track Drafting Machine 8
Figure 4. 30-60-90 triangle and 45-45-90 triangle 9 Figure 5. Protractor 9
Figure 6. Scale 9
Figure 7. Lead Holder 9
Figure 8. Drawing Leads 9
Figure 9. Lead Pointer 9
Figure 10a. Isometric Grid Paper 10 Figure 10b. Square Grid Paper 10
Figure 10c. Lettering Grid Paper 10
Figure 10d. Drawing Media Paper Size 10
Figure 10e. Paper Size Layout 10
Figure 11. Digitizer 11
Figure 12. Plotter 11

List of Tables
Table 1. Course Distance Learning Screening Form 15 Table 2. Eligible Instructional Hours for Conversion 16 Table 3. ASCENT Web-Based Tools 20
Table 4. Learner-Courseware Interactivity and Associated Learning Objectives 21 Table 5. Media Compression rates and Developmental Hours 22 Table 6. Conversion Support Staffing 23

Table 7. Final Selection Criteria 26

Learning Drafting and Design Basics in an Online Environment: A Study Determining the Effectiveness
Within the last nine months, the ITT Technical Institute Nashville Campus began offering their General Education courses online to incoming and transfer students. When the online program officially began over a year ago, it was managed through another school and student information was sent to the ITT Technical Institute where the student was registered to take their technical core courses. Since that time, the online program has undergone a few revisions. The current instructional method,...

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